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Planning Your P​erfect Event 


Yakima Williams

Event planning became my passion when I organized my own event. Many people inquired about who made my décor and planned the event. When I told them that it was me, they suggested that I go into business and do it for other people. I took their advice and established Favor2Favor Events and Decor. 

My company provides event planning services to various clients such as newly engaged couples, pregnant women, and organizations that hold functions for charity events like the breast cancer awareness month. Additionally, I create unique products that I ship to customers around the United States. These include gift baskets, balloon columns, and personalized glassware.


Why You Should Choose Favor2Favor Events and Decor 

What sets my company apart from the competition is the fact that I am committed to every client I serve. It is not just about business for me; satisfying the needs of my clients while considering their budgets is my number one priority.

In addition, I put more hands-on work into what I do. This means that I will sit down and custom-design your centerpiece myself based on your specifications.

Browse through my website to learn more about the services and products I offer. If you wish to ask questions about my work, don’t hesitate to call or email me. I hope to get an opportunity to contribute to the success of your event.

My Promise to you

The creativity that i look to give to any event or product I do shows the passion I have for bringing your vision alive. 

Whether it's event planning services or a product for  an event.  I provide excellent designs on glassware as well.  

You will not be disappointed!

Mission Statement

Favor2Favor Events and Decor promises to promote and provide professional and unique services to the best of our ability and we promise to do this with dignity and integrity that says we are not just about events.

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